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How to watch Hulu in the Philippines

Hulu is one of the biggest online streaming services in the US – and that is as far as their reach goes. Basically, if you happen to live outside the US, Hulu is an inaccessible and non-existent service – meaning you can’t enjoy any of the amazing shows they stream. But thankfully, with the use of US IP address services, there’s a workaround.



Watching Hulu in the Philippines is possible using a proper residential US IP address. What this means is that you need a service provider who will help you access Hulu, as if the request is from the US. This allows Hulu to unlock the US content for you, given that you already have an account with them, and you have paid the subscription rates.

Most people use regular, cheap, VPN service providers. But your best bet is to use a more professional service, that offers residential US IP addresses that can’t easily get blocked.

Specifically, here are the 4 steps you need to take so as to watch Hulu in the Philippines.

How to watch Hulu in the Philippines:

  1. Sign up for a virtual private network, that uses a residential US IP addresses
  2. Subscribe for the service offered by the provider and choose your plan
  3. Get your US IP address assigned, by following the instructions provided upon subscription
  4. Log in or Sign up to Hulu to access the streaming content

Watch Hulu in the Philippines

Hulu has for long grappled with the fact that most people outside the US can access their services and content using cheap VPN providers. And for the larger part of their business operations, their technical team has worked closely with their content providers to ensure that no one illegally accesses their services, using fake IP addresses.

They have even gone as far as blocking some proxies and smart DNS service providers from accessing their services. Basically, a standard VPN, proxy, and corporate site is a no for Hulu.

However, a USA IP address service, instead of working as a regular VPN service, offers a residential US IP address that Hulu can trust and thus use to offer its services outside the US.


The best part is, unlike regular VPNs, where you have to try different servers to find which one connects to Hulu, a USA IP address service just needs one click to connect directly to Hulu. The US IP address will be generated based on where their global VPN server is located.

Furthermore, the legalities are on check since nothing binds a person in the Philippines from getting a US IP address.

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My personal experience in accessing Hulu from abroad

Having tried to access Hulu from several standard VPN service providers and proxies before, I can testify that getting the right service provider can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. And in most cases, Hulu will end up blocking the fake IP address or standard VPN service provider you are using.

The best option you can take is going with a US IP address service. Chances of you getting blocked and spending a lot of time trying to get the right server to access Hulu will be extremely minimal. Furthermore, working with a US IP address service is way easier and more intuitive than standard VPN services.

How to pay for Hulu without a US credit card

You can use your local credit card (not PayPal) and any valid US ZIP code (10001 e.g.).

Alternatively, you can purchase a Hulu gift card (delivered over email immediately) to skip entering payment details at all, which is the easiest way to subscribe to Hulu outside the USA.

Hulu gift cards are available from MyGiftCardSupply

Once purchased you can redeem it here to skip entering your payment details at all.