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How to Watch Hulu in Israel

The pain of not being able to get a hand on your favorite services is one that haunts everybody who isn’t stationed in the U.S. Take Hulu. One of the best streaming services available…only for people in the US. However, you need not worry. 


A relief to this problem is available, and it comes in the form of our very own US IP Address solution.

How to watch Hulu in Israel:

The list of steps for using Hulu outside of the US, and specifically in Israel, is very easy to follow. Here is the full and complete list for you to follow.

  1. Obtain a US IP Address here
  2. Once IP Address has been obtained, connect to make sure everything is working properly
  3. Using the working IP Address, register on to the Hulu site
  4. Enter any valid US ZIP code (e.g. 90210) to get your payment accepted by Hulu
  5. Enjoy Hulu account in Israel

See! Simple, and easy to follow for even the most dim of individuals. For obtaining the IP Address,  you can use a multitude of ways, but we do recommend the USA IP Address solution (more on that below). Once you have obtained the US IP, verify that it works, and register onto Hulu. Everything should work smoothly, and you will now have a working Hulu account that can be used outside of the US, even in Israel.

Get Hulu in Israel

Now, while you could use a VPN, the US IP Address solution is a much better alternative. While a VPN simply masks your real IP, the US IP Address acts more like a second IP and less like a mask. It’s ease of use makes it stand out; simply click once and you’re connected, no server selecting necessary. 

Another fact that makes it a more viable option than a VPN is that VPNs can be blocked. Once the service detects that you are using an IP masking tool, it will be quick to get rid of it. However, The US IP Address is a residential IP, meaning that it won’t be blocked because it is truly based in the US! With this, you will never have to worry about getting blocked by Hulu. 

Legally, using the US IP Address solution is beneficial since any countries that aren’t China or North Korea allow you to have a US IP Address. This makes it more viable than using a simple VPN

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Final Thoughts

Being stationed in the US, I’ve never had a problem with using services that aren’t supported. However, as someone who does use VPNs and VPN related products on a mostly daily basis, let me tell you that there is nothing quite like US IP Address solution.

The simplicity, usability, and pure utility of the service make it second to none in IP products that are currently on the market. For snagging a service like Hulu, it’s damn near perfect. It will get you that residential IP Address and make it so you never have to worry about turning on a VPN again. I’ve used it time and time again, and it never fails to disappoint. Get Hulu, and get the service.


How to pay for Hulu using your local card

First of all, forget using your local Iraeli PayPal. Thisa simply won’t work.

Instead give Hulu your local credit card and any valid US ZIP code (90210 e.g.).

Another option is to buy Hulu gift card and do not enter your payment details at all. As per me it’s easiest option to get Hulu in Isreael.

Hulu gift card

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