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How to watch Disney Plus in Mexico

Disney Plus is promising to be the next big thing after Netflix, as far as streaming services are concerned. However, people living outside the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, find it hard to make use of this streaming service, since its geo-restricted. But if you live in Mexico, making use of a VPN can save you from the pain.

So, how do I watch Disney Plus in Mexico?

Quite easily. Firstly, you need to have either an Xbox One, PS4, Android mobile device, iOS device, Apple TV, Android TV or your web browser. All these are platforms that support Disney Plus. And once you have that set, then all you need is just to follow these five basic steps:

How to watch Disney Plus in Mexico:

  1. Sign up to a VPN provider who provides a residential US IP addresses
  2. Install the appropriate app required for your device
  3. Log in to the installed app
  4. Connect to any of the servers in the supported countries
  5. Get to the Disney Plus website, and sign up.
  6. Load a video on the Disney Plus website and enjoy!

But why use a VPN service that issues the residential US IP addresses?

Well, conventional VPNs work by bouncing your request off different servers, most of the time using servers within the allowed countries to access geo-restricted content. For instance, with a conventional VPN provider, accessing Disney Plus from Mexico would require you attempting to connect to the various servers they have in the allowed countries to see which one would be allowed access to the service.

But with a USA IP address service, you get a valid US IP address that would allow you to access Disney Plus uninterrupted. And more importantly, Disney Plus, being tied to Hulu, has a sophisticated system that blocks conventional VPNs trying to access the service outside the allowed countries. This interruption is rare with a VPN that uses a USA IP address service


Also, this kind of service is easy to use. Launching it only requires one click, and you don’t have to waste time attempting to connect to multiple servers, like conventional VPNs. And even from a legal standpoint, a USA IP address service isn’t an illegal means of watching Disney Plus from Mexico.


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My personal experience in accessing Disney from abroad

If you want to access Disney Plus from Mexico, then a VPN provider with a USA IP address service is the way to go. Personally, working with such a service has proved useful in the numerous trips that I make to and from Mexico.

I never have to get bored while traveling, and I can still be guaranteed of my data privacy and security thanks to the extra features the service provides. More importantly, the service fits so well within my budget, thus I don’t have to cut down heavily on my spending just to watch an episode of The Simpsons

How to pay for Disney Plus without a US credit card

Disney Plus doesn’t accept your local credit card? No worries! Simply register your Disney Plus account using your Android phone or iPhone / iPad using a gift card to skip entering your payment details at all. Once done you can use your Disney Plus account on your Windows PC or any other device.

Video guide on how to register a Disney Plus account using an Android phone: 

Video guide on how to register a Disney Plus account using an iPad or iPhone: