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However, there is a way you can go past that setback and watch Disney Plus right in the heart of Brazil – by using a USA IP address VPN service provider.

Disney Plus streaming service uses geo-blocks to restrict the use of the service outside unsupported countries. Currently, you can only enjoy the service in the US, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. If you happen to live outside these countries, connecting to Disney Plus will give you an “Error Code 83”, basically meaning that you cannot view the desired content outside the allowed countries.

How to watch Disney Plus in Brazil:

  1. Get a VPN service with US IP address or one in the allowed countries
  2. Download and install their service into your device
  3. After installing the US IP address service provider, connect to a US server
  4. Sign up for the Disney + service at their website or app
  5. Stream the videos and enjoy

But why use a USA IP address service to watch Disney Plus in Brazil?

For a couple of great reasons.

First, you’ll hardly get blocked by Disney Plus by using a US IP address service that uses an actual residential USA IP address to connect to the Disney Plus servers. Other services usually get blocked the moment Disney Plus servers notice that the access is from a regular VPN service. This is thanks to their sophisticated system that monitors who and from where the service is being accessed.

Second, this method is one of the easiest to use. By just following the steps above, which require a few clicks, you can get yourself watching some of the most entertaining streaming content on the internet right now. You don’t have to be a techie to do this.

Finally, this process does not violate any policy or regulations set by Disney Plus as far as accessing their service is concerned. Therefore, there is nothing illegal about it. This is because you are using an actual residential USA IP address to gain access to the service.

  • ILEGAL – 85%

Should I use this procedure to watch Disney Plus in Brazil?

Yes, you should. Personally, being the festive season, I’m going to be traveling a lot, taking the entire year in and resting for the next one. And of course, I’d want to carry a bit of entertainment with me. Thus, the moment I set foot in Brazil, this is the method I’ll follow to keep me entertained with the over 500 films on the platform. Even better, given that this service ensures my data security while remaining cheap, I’m guaranteed of extreme value for money.

You’re in the festive mood and you want to kick it in Brazil and enjoy a few days there. Why not carry Disney Plus with you?